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Since I am a Working Owner, I have met many dogs and their owners. Every dog is different and needs to be understood as being that one unique, special dog. Dogs love people unconditionally and that is what I try to give to the dogs. No matter what kind of dog or what its situation, I try to make each one feel special and loved. They, in turn, respond to me in an accepting and loving way – in other words, the feeling is mutual. 

I have been around dogs all my life – in childhood living on a farm, dogs were kept outside and were considered part of the farm animals that were cared for just as the horses, cows, pigs and chickens. They had their job to do and we made sure they were in condition to do that. My father bred the hounds and I had the experience of seeing the puppies being born and learned how to care for them as newborns and as they grew. They also did double duty by keeping the kids entertained. In my adult life there has been a dog in the house constantly from small cuddly ones to larger, more robust dogs. All have been very happy.






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