What is "In Your Home" Pet Sitting?

"In Your Home" pet sitting is a service where a pet sitter comes to your home for scheduled visits and cares for your pets in their own, familiar environment, following your instructions. Visits are customized to meet the needs of your pet which can include dog walks, feedings, litter box cleanings, play time, or even just quiet companionship. Each of our Services is more fully described in the Service & Rates section. 

How many times per day do most people book if going on vacation?

A standard pet sit for vacation dogs is usually 3 times per day - once Early Morning (7-9am), once Mid-day (11-2pm) and once in the Evening before bed (5-7pm); however, we do offer 7 distinct time blocks (Early Morning, Morning, Mid-day, Afternoon, Evening and Late Evening) for which client's can book.

Some dogs are fine with only two visits per day (ie: dogs who have doggie doors, etc). In those cases, visits are spread out 12 hours (7am and 7pm, 8am and 8pm, etc.). Cats require daily visits once per day but you can schedule more if you'd like.

We do not share care responsibilities with sitters not contracted by Let's Have Fun Dog Care. Since every pet is unique, you can simply customize each visit to meet your individual pet's needs.

I usually board my pet(s). Why should I consider the "In Your Home" Option?

According to the American Humane Society, pets are happiest when they're at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. From your pet's perspective, their familiar environment, diet and exercise routine - coupled with the detailed attention provided by an experienced, professional pet sitter - is the perfect alternative to you personally being there.

The "In Your Home" option is a relief to most owners who don't want their dog kenneled and who also no longer wish to rely on family or friends. Professional pet sitters are not the "next door neighbor". They are trained in how to take care of other people's pets, know what signs to look for to avoid unnecessary risks with your animals, and know how to handle pet emergencies.

Will it be the same sitter for all of my visits?

Our Sitters do take time off, can get sick, etc., and your appointment may require more than one staff member. If your normal sitter's availability does not permit them to visit, another of our qualified staff will take care of your pet according to your instructions.

During your Meet & Greet, I will meet with you to discuss your pet care needs, evaluate your pet and ask any questions that you/we may have. If scheduling allows, we often bring your sitter to the Meet & Greet. If you'd like to meet that sitter before your appointment begins, please let us know and we will make every effort to work it into their schedule. 

Can I just leave handwritten instructions for my sitter?

No. It is our policy that we will only follow your contract. This is a legally binding contract between you and us and the care listed is one we have agreed to before arriving at your home. It is also our priority to always minimize the risk that comes with caring for someone else's pets. We've found that handwritten notes can be lost, confusing and often hard to follow. We've seen sticky notes with instructions even come off a refrigerator and fly underneath, never to be seen by the sitter! With that in mind, we feel the safest method of communication is through your contract. Your contract can be amended by discussing your needs with our office.

Safety is always our number one concern.


I need a pet sitter, how does this work?

First, call our office and tell us about your needs and pets. If I confirm that we can take you on as a client, we will schedule your initial consultation.  I’ll come to your house to meet you and your pets and answer all your questions. This meeting is free and you are under no obligation to use our services.

Then you’ll set up your account in our scheduling system. Here you will give us all the info we need to care for your pets and home. We access that info at each visit and send you pet care journals daily following visits, which you’ll receive via email. Any time you need service, just call us.

Payment is due in full at the start of my visits. You can pay in advance or leave a check for me to pick up during the first visit. The check should be made payable to Let's Have Fun Dog Care.

Why a Pet Sitter?

I already have a pet sitter - why should I switch to Let's Have Fun Pet Care?

While other pet sitters can be capable, responsible people, we are able to provide you with service that is held to a high professional standard. We can identify warning signs before there is a problem and we have the experience and staff to be able to adequately take care of the issue. All of our clients are assigned at least two pet care professionals so that if your primary sitter is unavailable, sick, is in an accident, etc. you can be assured that another one of our qualified pet care professionals will be able to care for your pet and follow your instructions. In addition, we work closely with local veterinarian offices who can handle any emergencies should care be needed during your absence if your primary vet is not available.  

Our sitters are experienced, responsible, mature, animal enthusiasts. Even though they are Independant Contractors, they are fully insured, bonded, and background checked before they come on board with us. We are not the "next door neighbor pet sitter". We are not pet sitter hobbyists. We take our responsibility very seriously and strive to give you and your pets the best experience possible.


What is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter?

Pet Sitters International explains, "when you engage the services of a PSI Certified Pet Sitter, you are also gaining the in-depth knowledge and skills for in-home pet care she or he has mastered about caring for companion animals of all kinds. The coursework was designed to promote high industry standards and provide a continuing education curriculum to keep accredited pet sitters at the forefront of modern pet-care practices."

A certified professional pet sitter is not someone who provides pet sitting services on the side. Our dedication is to our clients and their pets. That dedication can be seen as we strive to renew our certifications every three years. We work on our continuing education credits throughout the three year period in the hopes of continuing to be certified.

Are you Licensed, Insured and Bonded? How can I be sure?

Florida does not have a licensing category for Pet Care.

Yes, we are insured and bonded. More detailed information is available, click hereLet's Have Fun Dog Care carries levels of insurance adequate to appropriately cover our client's home and pets while under our care. This includes General  Liability and Bonding Insurance. 


Can you provide me with a list of references?

Absolutely! Just ask. Check out our Testimonials Page as well.

Who are your sitters?

Our pet care professionals are responsible, experienced, animal enthusiasts who pride themselves on getting to know your pet and his or her routines. They are insured, bonded and undergo a thorough background check before coming on board. They also go through an extensive training period with the Owner of Let's Have Fun Dog Care before being allowed in a client's home on their own. 

Pet Care

How many times a day can you visit?

We can visit up to 5 times per day; once in every time block.


Can a sitter stay overnight in my house?

Yes. Overnight visits start at 6pm at night and run through 8am the next morning; a mid-day visit is included.


Can you just come every other day for my cat?

We do not provide every-other-day vacation service. In order to provide proper care for your pet and your home, we require daily visits when you are away. Issues such as crystals (could result in your pet stopping the use of their litter box suddenly), illness, blockages, behaviors problem, broken pipes, etc. can be addressed immediately and action taken if we visit on a daily basis. Our policy is to limit as much risk as possible ensuring the highest levels of safety of your pets and your home. It is one we take seriously.


What if the weather is bad when you arrive?

Severe heat, storms, etc. are all considered inclement weather. We ask clients to understand that our pet care professionals will use their best judgment concerning your pet's well-being when dealing with these conditions. Walks will most likely be cut short and the remainder of your visit spent indoors with your pet in cases of extreme weather. We will not cut our visit short.

What if something has changed with my pet care as I'm walking out the door?

If you have a last minute change, we ask that you contact us immediately.


Can you give my pet medication?

Yes, we are able to give most pills and liquid medications to most pets. We do not charge an additional fee for administering medications. We do not give needle-administered medications like insulin or allergy shots.


My dog doesn't walk well on a leash. Can you still walk him?

Absolutely. It is our policy to always ensure the highest safety for your pet. With this in mind, if your dog pulls excessively or lunges, we reserve the right to utilize a different collar from what you normally use. This could be a martingale, gentle leader, Halti, slip lead or prong depending on the situation. We will discuss this with you before taking any action. 

Will you pick up after our pet(s)? What about accidents?

Your sitter will pick after your pet(s) when they are out on their walk. They will also pick up after your pet(s) if they go in your yard while under their care, however we do not provide yard clean up services. If your pet(s) gets sick or has an accident in your home, we will clean up after them to the best of our abilities with the cleaning products you provide.

While we never charge for cleaning up accidents (Its part of the job!), if it becomes a chronic issue, we may discuss the use of alternative products to help with the situation or adjusting your visits.


Policies & Procedures

Is it ok if my friend stops over while you're sitting for us? Can she share pet sitting responsibilities?


We have a strict policy that we do not split appointments with other caretakers and we do not take on jobs where other sitters, whether neighbors or relatives, will be accessing your home while you are away. Contractually (and legally), we are responsible for your pet(s) and home while you're gone.

Caretakers, cleaning companies, etc. will be allowed access only if noted in the Customer Profile.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any changes to the schedule must be made 48-hours prior to the visit, or you will be billed according to the booked schedule. There are no credit visits / refunds issued for early return / unused visits after any service has begun.

Do you accept payment by credit card?

No - we do not accept credit cards due to the additional processing fees required. 

Payment is accepted by cash, check, or money order: Payment is due at the beginning of the service period. Additional services will be billed separately if your return is delayed. Checks / money orders should be payable to Let's Have Fun Dog Care.  A “Return Check Charge” of no less than $30 will be incurred for all returned checks, plus any bank fees. No new service requests will be accepted unless all prior invoices are paid current. An invoice will be sent via email prior to start of service. If you do not have an email address, we will either text the amount due to your cell phone, or provide it via telephone message.


How do you handle my keys?

Keys will be picked up at your Meet & Greet meeting. If you do not have keys ready for us, we can either schedule an additional meeting to pick them up or simply make a second set for you, both for an additional charge. 

Let's Have Fun Dog Care will retain your keys so we are ready for future service at a moment's notice. Keys are housed in our lock boxes when not in use and are only coded with a Let's Have Fun Dog Care internal code - no client names or address. For the safety of your pets and your home, we do not lock keys inside your home or place them under a mat outside unless specified at our Meet & Greet session and on the Customer Information sheet.

Should you wish to have your keys returned after your appointment, we can either drop them off to you or send them back via certified, insured mail, both for an additional fee. Clients who do not wish for us to retain their keys can use a lock box on their door, providing us with the code. Providing entry thru the garage, via a garage door opener code is also a great option - make sure that the connecting door to the house remains unlocked!


I'm going to give you my garage code. Do I still need to give you a set of keys?

Yes. Unless you are utilizing a lock box, keys are still required in case of electrical outages.


Can I just leave the keys under the mat?


To ensure the safety of your home and our sitters, we do not leave keys under your mat or in a planter or lock them inside your home. For clients who do not wish for us to retain their keys, we recommend the use of a lock box.


Scheduling Service

Can I email or call with my service dates and instructions?


We accept instructions or date requests via email, text message or phone in an emergency. 

I have multiple pets, can you charge me only once a day for my cat?

Legally, your pet is considered personal property. That means, unless they are listed under our insurance, we are not allowed to legally render aid should an issue arise. Therefore, we require clients to include all pets in their online contract so that each pet is included on our insurance, on every visit. Our additional pet fee for cats ($1 per pet) has been kept intentionally low to accommodate clients in this situation. Clients with more than 4 pets are encouraged to contact the office for discounted pricing.


Does my sitter accept tips?


You may leave cash or add it to your check when you pay for your appointment.

Tips are always appreciated! They help keep only the best pet sitters on our staff.


Are there any extra charges for holiday care?


There is a Holiday Surcharge per visit if pet care spans any of the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Presidents Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Can I schedule a last minute visit with less than a day's notice?

Sure can!

We are happy to schedule or change sits for you with less than a days notice when we are able to accommodate them on our schedule. Please understand that Let's Have Fun Dog Care carefully schedules our time to service you and other clients and last minute changes do require efforts to engage your sitter and update schedules and billing.

Should you need a visit with under a day's notice, you will need to contact us directly.


Staying in Touch

Can I get text, phone or email updates while I'm away?

You sure can!

When completing your Customer Profile, you are welcome to choose the Phone, Text or E-Mail Update Service at a date and time of your convenience. This service prints on our schedules and we will contact you during the time block you've selected to let you know how your appointment is going. A list of items (feeding, waste pickup, medicines given, etc. as well as any problems) will be provided. Maybe even a picture!


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